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1. Why is it better to rent a site from you rather than to have one built and hosted?
With renting an escorting website from us you simply have no risk.

We hear so many stories of escorts just like you paying for an escort website sites to be built only to find after a short time they can't get the escorting website updated or linked how they would like.

In some cases the Designer/builder simply puts them on the "back burner" having moved on to the next lucrative build project.

It is not in our interest to leave you "high and dry". We want you to continue with us.

For example you may travel from city to city or country to country? We are more than happy to announce those visiting plans for you on your escorting website. In that way you not need to notify a number of escort directory sites of your movements as the client can see your plans on your escorting website.

With renting you have flexibility, maybe you only want to escort for a few months or wish not to get involved with hosting contracts, etc. Remember you can cancel at any time without any penalty.

Maybe you just want to take a break? In that case we just suspend the escorting website for you and place it on hold until you instruct us to reactivate it.

With renting a site from us you will benefit from the listing and directory sites we are friendly with for example you will get a FREE "Full Photo Listing" on the highly respected a directory site that has been on top of it’s game for over 5 years.

Lastly you will not have to pay $$$ or £££, or €€€ to have an escorting website designed and built in the first place or pay plus $$$ or £££, or €€€ hosting costs and periodical updating costs.

2. What will it cost me for my website?
The actual design and the build of your website is free.

All you need to pay at the start is a set up charge of US $48 or UK £30 or €35.

When your website is completed you have a two-month free trial period.

After that you have the option of continuing with your website on a rental basis see question 10, or cancelling your website see question 11.

3. Will my escorting website be a proper one like others I see and not just a one-page thing
like some call website?
Yes the escorting website that EscortWebRental provides will be a REAL escorting website with its OWN UNIQUE (web address), URL. Your escorting website can have a front/index/start page, an about page, a gallery, a services/fees page, a contact page and a links page. Plus for touring escorts a travel schedule page if required.

Some may offer to build you a website but in reality they are just pages of a directory. You have no links page so in reality you can't get it linked or listed on other good escort directories.

If you are offered or you have a set-up and the URL (web address) is something like Then you do not or will not have a REAL escorting website.

If some of the low-end directories do list that type of set-up allow or link to that type of set-up and the URL (web address) is something like above then the link or listing is working for them ( www., and NOT for you in search engine rankings and listings

All the websites we design and build are fully link-able to other escort directories because the escorting website we provide you with will have its own links page for that purpose.

If you are offered or you have a set-up again this is not a REAL website; is in fact the REAL website. Further you may also find that many of the best escort directories will not list those types of set-ups at all however some of the low-end directories may.

4. I have seen some sites built in flash, is it something you do and what are the advantages or disadvantages?
Yes we can and do build in flash but believe that it is best to keep things simple especially with escorting websites listed or linked to escort directories. Loading time is so critical; the client is likely to move on with his/her search if the website is slow loading. With member sex sites or porn websites the client may wait a little longer as he/she may want to join that site and Flash in that case may be an asset.

It is also worth remembering some browsers can't see sites built in Flash. Some may require downloading of software. Many website designers like to try to get you to have a escorting website built in flash so they can justify charging you more for something that is not at all necessary.

It is also worth remembering some that some search engines are still struggling to index sites in flash.

It is also worth remembering many (including the iphone) mobile devices will not display flash elements of a website at all.

We believe it is best policy to build escorting websites that can be seen/loaded at reasonable speed on a dialup as well as broadband. Remember many people do not have broadband connection yet.

We believe it is best policy to build escorting websites that can be seen on mobile devices such as the iphone. Try looking at some of the escorting website builds in flash on mobile devices?…Mail us with your results!

Therefor all our escorting websites are built in a very, very search engine friendly way and in a way that they can be seen the maximum amount of browsers as possible.

If you or a website designer has such a big ego that you or them are willing to sacrifice so much to have a flash flashy website then good luck. We are not for you because we will not encourage you to go down that path at this time in the evolution of the Internet, mobile device development and download speeds across the entire world. Plus we are not into ego’s but into helping escorts connect with clients over a range of platforms…it’s called doing business, or the bottom line.

5. What about search engines? I have read that some of the designers will submit my escorting website to search engines as part of the fee for building the site do you do that?
Yes we submit all our escorting websites to search engines. Do not blinded by the slick sales pitch that some webmasters try to persuade you with it is or should be standard practice to for a designer / website builder to submit any website they build to search engines.

In any event you will find most of your client’s browse and look through good escort directories especially good quality photo escort directory listing websites such as, etc.

If the sacred "search engine" is an issue remember all the escorting websites we design and build are REAL escorting websites with their OWN unique URL or web address and as a result will score in well in search engine results in their own right.

6. I don't understand and can't follow this entire tech, geeky, jargon?
Don't worry, simply contact us and we will explain to you in simple terms anything you don't understand or are not sure about. We understand that in reality all you want to achieve is to have a good quality escorting website without risk and fuss. ...And that we can and do provide to many escorts throughout the world.

7. My English is not so good can you help me with spelling mistakes and other things?
Yes we can. Just write what you want to say and we shall get it all in the correct order with the correct spelling, etc.

We can also help you with your photos…see FAQ number 7? for more information on that subject

8. I have photos but they are not Internet ready yet. Can you help me making them Internet ready?
Yes we can. We will do all the resizing of your photos, blurring and cropping them if required. We may also be able to advise you on the type of photo you should take, or have taken.

Our research:
We did research in late 2008. It was found that many escort clients are getting fed up with ‘over the top airbrushed misleading photos’ like the ones found on some independent escorts escorting websites, but mostly found on escort agency websites for example.

This practice (‘over the top airbrushed misleading photos’) has now led to a general mistrust of escorts that employ this practice on their escorting websites.

So we now recommend that you keep your images as true (a little bit of retouching maybe), as possible. It will pay dividends in the long run, especially with the good wealthy clients…they are not fools so best not to take them as such.

Having good well-taken photos on your escorting website will give the client an indication that you care and that you are true.

Leave the ‘over the top airbrushed misleading photos’ to the escort agencies and you will find you may actually take business from them.

9. Can I have an email web booking form on the escorting website like I see on other escorting websites?
The short answer is no.

Now just one of the long reasons why it is a no:

We believe that a provider should not have access to email sent by escorts to clients or have access to emails sent from clients to escorts.

It is possible for a hosting provider and/or the webmaster that has ultimate control over your website and/or server to view your emails and or have a copy of those emails redirect without the escorts knowledge. For that reason we recommend that you opt for an email address that a hosting provider and/or the webmaster has no access too such as yahoo, googlemail, hotmail, or whoever on your escorting website.

Also research and test made by us found the escort clients do not like completing these email-booking forms because

(a) They simply do not like them and
(b) The clients of escorts are becoming increasingly concerned that information about them and emails they send may via these forms may be held in data basis without their knowledge or approval.

There are other important reasons why we do not provide these email booking forms but the above are the one of most concern. The fact we do not provide them is a guarantee that prying eyes of a webmaster or a webmistress are not monitoring your email exchanges.

10. What will it cost me after the two-month trial period?
The cost will be:

US $48 per month


UK £30 per month


Euro €35 per month

All prices include unlimited hosting and up to 4 updates in any 30 day period to the main body of the website. All banner placements and links will remain free and unlimited.

11. What if I do not want to keep my escorting website after the two-month trial do I have to pay anything?
No, nothing at all.

Just tell us you want to close the escorting website and we will just simply shut it down at no cost to you.

12. Can any escort take up the two-month trial offer and have an escorting website designed and built by EscortWebRental?
Yes we can design and build an escorting website for any escort in the world. The only thing we must insist on it that any images/photos you ask us to place in your gallery must be of you. We will ask you to confirm at the time you place your order for us to design and build you an escorting website to give us an undertaking that all images/photos are of you.

13. Can I speak to someone and arrange things over the phone?
Yes it may become necessary at some stage of the development to talk by phone, but being an Internet-based business we get enquires from all over the world. Due to time zone differences and the pursuit of keeping our costs (therefore yours) down we try to deal with all enquires, updates, etc by email.

14. You mention TopFlightEscorts a few times. What is so special about that website?
Nothing it is the same as many others on the Internet, but we trust this escort directory as it seems to be vary fair. It has no pop-ups, uses no cookies, you do not need to join to see all the escorts contact details and photos, it is free to get photo listed, updated on a regular basis and they kindly let us place our banner with them and link us nicely.

There are many other good or just as good escort directories on the Internet, but this one looks to be a good all round international escort directory website. If you find another like it please let us know, the Internet is an ever expanding environment and we like to stay on the top of its wave sweeping constantly around the globe.

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